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Placer Mining: Recovery Systems

The wash plant in the photo, taken in 1984, is Rob Towner’s first commercial wash plant located in the Bannack Mining District of Montana. This particular spot is referred to as the Washington Bar in the Placers. He built it without using any new or purchased equipment. It processed 45 cubic yards an hour. This endeavor was carried out with Pete Hable and Al Dionne. Rob and Pete stayed in a tent on site during the entire summer. They pulled over 285 ounces of gold from this mining effort.

Bear Creek Placer, LLC (BCP) has built, rebuilt and revised many wash plants over the last few decades. Your gold mining endeavors will benefit from BCP’s diverse and successful gold and diamond mining expertise. The consulting and recovery systems of BCP will aid you in extracting your target mineral.

Placer Mining in USA
Floating Wash Plant

This photo is a floating wash plant used in India on one of our projects. The design was ours and we supervised the locals to get it built and functioning properly.

New Wash Plant For Sale

- 2'-0' x 4'-0' screen with 3/8' diameter holes
- Road travel 5'-3" with a 8'-5" height by 13'-1" length and aprox. travel weight of 3,000 pounds
- Large T-bar grizzly area of 33" by 43"
- Two sluice trays 1'-0" by 6'-0" lined with miner moss
- Right or left sluice discharge position
- Removable trailer tongue
- Road ready with brake and tail lights
- 14" tires and wheels with spring suspension axel
- 2" diameter Camlock water inlet connection for spray bars inside wash drum and at grizzly with regulating valves included.
- Powered by a Honda GX390 gas motor with a 6:1 gearbox reduction and chain drive
- Bearings hace accessible lubrication points
- 18" by 18" by 33" lockable equipment storage box provided
- Two 5/16" diameter ball hitch with safety chains
- 5 to 7 YPH capacity
- $29,500 (USD)

Features Of Bear Creek Placer LLC Mineral Recovery Systems

#1 All wash plants are built in the USA.
#2 Built with boots on-the-ground mining experience of 30+ years.
#3 The standard and custom wash plants feature off the shelf industry standard equipment.

Scalable & Mobile Placer Mining Wash Plant Made In USA.

- Brand new wash plant with 5’ x 14’ double deck vibrating screen
- One 35’ by 36’ wide conveyor belt
- One 6’ wide by 6’ 9” long vibrating grizzly with 10 horsepower motor (7.5 KW)
- Two sluice boxes 4’ x 10’, one distribution box, one runway sluice
- Height 12’, Width 7’ 4” and designed to fit in a shipping container
- Weight is 25 tons (approximate)
- One 25 horsepower motor (19 KW) for vibrating screen
- One 20 horsepower motor (15 KW) for stacking conveyor, stop/start included
- All new structural steel and skid mounted
- Shipping is 12-14 weeks from time your deposit is made
- Shipping is FOB Boise, ID

Wash Plant Options

  • Sluice Box Riffles Tune To Specific Mineral Size
  • Industry Standard Screening
  • Advanced Concentration or Conventional Methods
  • Multi-Decks To Enhance Concentration
  • Upgraded Processing Capacity
  • Hydraulic Riffles
  • Built To Specific Volume Demand

Current Gold Price
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Designing & Building Custom Wash Plants

Bring your mining details and we can design and build a plant to target your minerals. If you want assistance with getting your plant setup on site and operational, we provide those services based on decades of our successful mining.

Help us understand your situation by knowing your mining area. Carefully review graves and environment, along with the historical information.

If you are in the exploration phase, do what you can to secure a topographic maps to get a handle on, among other things, location, surface topography and your surface control lines.

We can help you put the right mine plan into action based on our actual mining experiences in the exploitation of placer deposits in many locations around the world.

Our company engaged Rob Towner to do the final setup and complete the wash circuit of our pilot plant to begin a feasibility study of an ancient mining district gold concession in Mexico, in order to construct a full scale modern mining operation that will eventually run 4000-5000 tonnes per day or pay ore. Rob is without question one of the most knowledgeable, and talented miners on the planet. His experience and know-how benefited our mining team tremendously and he worked right along side our crew. His work ethics are as high as I have ever seen and he gets the job done. We were right on schedule, never missed completing the days work and finished on budget and on time. Many thanks Rob, you're our favorite Montana Mining Gringo. Best wishes from our mine to yours.
Merv, Mexico
I have had Rob assist me on a number of occasions with my gold mining. When nobody else can fix it or figure it out, Rob jumps in and seems to put it all together so that what is stopped or busted starts working. I would never have got my wash plant at my mine working without his help. He knows how to keep the pay dirt being processed in the plant. I have seen him build stuff and weld stuff to get something fixed that seemed impossible but he gets 'er done just fine. Rob can read the ground like no one I have ever seen, he has thousand of ounces under his belt and my experiences with him show it. He has helped me setup my mine and plant in many different regards. I consider myself lucky I ran into Rob.
Jack, Montana
You and Les are top shelf. Thanks for all your help. I like how you guys operate.
John, Bering Sea
Montana Tech, said you where the Yoda of this gold stuff. My brother and I got a 100 acre gold claim......
Rod, Montana