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Placer Mining Consulting Services

Your placer mining endeavors will benefit from Bear Creek Placer’s diverse and extensive gold and diamond mining expertise. The consulting services and recovery systems of Rob Towner will aid you in improving your mining success.

Going home a five o'clock is not happening on our jobs, there just doesn't seem to be enough time in a day. If you have any hiccups the lights are on, to make your quota of gravel that has to be run through your wash plant to meet your budget requirements.

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Improve Your Recovery Location & Mining Methos

Mined gold into gold bars

We use our experience to benefit other mining operations with placer mining consulting services, based on 30+ years of successful mining experience. If you are a long time miner, or just getting started, you will benefit from our consulting.

At Bear Creek Placer, placer mining is accomplished with proven mineral recovery system. The mining techniques and methods were developed from working private projects for decades. The essential foundation for successful placer mining is 1) understanding where the minerals are on a property, 2) using the best practices and technology for maximum success, 3) managing expenses from day one, and 4) always working your eco-restoration plan.

Placer Mining Experience

Rob Towner and Les Towner, the principals of Bear Creek Placer, LLC, have been mining since they were in their teens. Without a formal education in mining, Rob spent many years learning the practices of mining by work alongside the “old-timers,” the miners way back, working off the beaten path. Rob and Les do all their own work, including research, which is how they found their first mining claim in Montana in the 1980s. Over the years, while working their own projects, they have also collaborated with other mining associates to work mining claims around the world - very successfully. Their research, work, and extraction results has been documented in several publications. To date, their consulting projects have been in Central America, South America, and Asia.

Rob has taught mining classes at colleges in India and Montana that cover placer mining techniques. In one class, when the students were not comprehending the concepts, he build a glass jig as a teaching tool.

In 2010, Rob was selected to participate in Lost Treasure Hunters (LTH). LTH is a television regular series produce by the Animal Planet™. The LTH series involving Rob was eight episodes with a focus of mining diamonds on the Krishna River in India.

These are additional Bear Creek Placer, LLC placer mining projects:

2001 Southeast Venezuela: Project manager on alluvial diamond mine.

2001 Western Venezuela: On the discovery team that identified Guaniamo diamond fields.

1993 Dillion, Montana: Identified, owned, operated, and vended a world class industrial Garnet project: Sweet Water Garnet.

1989 New Zealand: On the commissioning team for a 3500 cmph bucket line cutter head combination dredge for R.A. Hanson Co. Inc.

1987 Reno, Nevada: On the discovery team to identify a mineral recovery system to extract plutonium from old nuclear blast test sites for Montana Tech and MSE.

1986 Bannack Mining District: As sole proprietor made this purchase, identified a significant gold skarn and vended this property to Cypress Minerals.

Over the many years of mining for Gold, Diamonds, and Sapphires we still like using the standard riffle sluice box even for fine gold recovery. As you can see we recover very fine gold from our property here in Montana.

We design industrial wash plants that will fit your alluvial mining requirements. Not only do we build these wash plants we mine ourselves every season and you can see we consistently get gold every season.

Our company engaged Rob Towner to do the final setup and complete the wash circuit of our pilot plant to begin a feasibility study of an ancient mining district gold concession in Mexico, in order to construct a full scale modern mining operation that will eventually run 4000-5000 tonnes per day or pay ore. Rob is without question one of the most knowledgeable, and talented miners on the planet. His experience and know-how benefited our mining team tremendously and he worked right along side our crew. His work ethics are as high as I have ever seen and he gets the job done. We were right on schedule, never missed completing the days work and finished on budget and on time. Many thanks Rob, you're our favorite Montana Mining Gringo. Best wishes from our mine to yours.
Merv, Mexico
I have had Rob assist me on a number of occasions with my gold mining. When nobody else can fix it or figure it out, Rob jumps in and seems to put it all together so that what is stopped or busted starts working. I would never have got my wash plant at my mine working without his help. He knows how to keep the pay dirt being processed in the plant. I have seen him build stuff and weld stuff to get something fixed that seemed impossible but he gets 'er done just fine. Rob can read the ground like no one I have ever seen, he has thousand of ounces under his belt and my experiences with him show it. He has helped me setup my mine and plant in many different regards. I consider myself lucky I ran into Rob.
Jack, Montana
You and Les are top shelf. Thanks for all your help. I like how you guys operate.
John, Bering Sea
Montana Tech, said you where the Yoda of this gold stuff. My brother and I got a 100 acre gold claim......
Rod, Montana