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Gold Wash Plant Rebuild

This photo is this completed plant washing some pay dirt at a mine in Wyoming. A few years ago Rob and Les undertook rebuilding a wash plant in the Spring and this is short story about the process.

Overview: Rob and Les took the shell of an abandoned plant and rebuilt it from the frame up. This pages documents that rebuilding process that took about 6-7 weeks.

Rob found this wash plant, owned by a father and son, that was laying out in a field about 200 miles from home. After we negotiated a fair deal, He picked it up and this it what it looked like as he unloaded it at the shop. It is headed to Wyoming for a group of kind folks that will be doing their first gold mining effort. They remind me a lot of me when I was just getting started so I want to make sure they have some excellent core equipment that will last.

Gold Wash Plant
Building a Wash Plant
Building a Wash Plant
Building a Wash Plant

Three weeks later you can see this plant really coming together. We just attached the hopper a few days ago. Now we are working to attach the trommel. This plant is ending up being a lot larger than I anticipated. But, I have learned over the years it's better to build a more robust extractor than throw something together for the sake of a budget. I want my clients to succeed and the first step in that equation is having a plant with the ability to hold the rock in the box.

Fabricating A Mining Wash Plant
Fabricating A Mining Wash Plant
Fabricating A Mining Wash Plant

This is the completed wash plant. As you can see we were able to find a good subframe and did a successful retrofit.

This stout frame and its made with American steel! I love it. My brother Les is such a good craftsman and "can do" guy.

With this design the mining can be accomplished on ground or as a small floating type of wash plant similar to the New Zealand type of wash plant.

Rob and Les delivered this plant to the folks in Wyoming and helped them get their mining system setup. Everything went smooth, the plant fired up the first time and some rocks/gravels that we thought might be a concern turned out to be a non issue. Before Rob left they had successfully extracted some gold and were on their way to more!

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