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Diamond and Gold Recovery, Caroni River Venezuela

This is a picture of an 8 inch cutterhead suction dredge I spent a few days working on on the Caroni River in central Venezuela.

This dredge ran round the clock and they had a good recovery of fine gold and Diamonds. The large sluice box was effective at recovering the fine gold of the Caroni River system and they had a series of rougher jigs to capture the diamonds and they appeared to be very effective.

The layers of successive Iron cappa had free flowing gravel underneath and this robust dredge was pretty good at breaking through this to get at the auriferous gravel. I was fortunate to get to spend the time with these local miners and it really helped me with my initial reconnaissance of the river.

I later spent 7 months operating and retrofitting an 8" airlift dredge and managing an extensive sampling program for a US based company.

~ Rob Towner

Venezuela Suction Dredge
Venezuela Diamond Dredge
Venezuela Gold & Diamonds

We were able to quickly snap this photo of an indigenous fella who has no idea what a camera was. The villagers were wonderful, I look forward to visiting them again.

Venezuela Jungle Adventures

A serious meeting with the local Powers That Be (PTB) which make gold mining in remote places possible.

Venezuela Mining

No matter what your age, you have to take time for fun when you working around the clock.

Venezuela  gold mining
Venezuela Placer Mining
Venezuela MiningAdventures

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