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Diamond Fields Of Kollur & Golconda

Now it's a nice Diamond when it about cover's your hand lens.

This is a very nice Diamond I recovered while working for my buddy Sam a few year's back.

I was running a 10" suction dredge on a river in India and boy the job was brutal. I just found this photo I took and thought it would be a good one to share.

Venezuela Diamond

That is one beautiful Diamond. Most Diamonds originated when the earth was in its infancy and knowing your are the first human to touch it, is kinda neat.

Just coming up from another long dive suction dredging for Diamonds. The hard work of wrestling around a 10" suction hose gets you in amazing shape very quickly. I love diving and the challenges it brings to keep the production coming.

Venezuela Diamond
A Treasure that will be lost forever, the Diamond fields of Kollur and Golconda

My ol buddy Tim from Montana came over to India to help with the diving on our project.

It always helps when you have a good dive buddy. We have worked together for many years on civil projects and others since we were young fellows.

It always makes mining a lot easier.

We enjoyed a stiff hike to overlook the river that we were dredging for diamonds.

The ancient golconda Diamond field will soon be covered by a dam and the Diamond fields and their history will be lost forever.

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