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Bear Creek Placer, LLC Newsletter: January, 2015

Les Towner
Hoping that you and your families had a great holiday.

Les and I had a pretty good mining season last summer. We had a good, steady season that was productive.

We decided to bring our equipment back to the shop. Everything pretty much needs some maintenance and repair to get it in shape for this summer. I was able to get my shop updated, finally, so I can get this work accomplished in the Tundra weather we have here in Montana, can't wait for the Spring to start up.

The picture at the top of this newsletter, is Les working the wheel out at the mine over the summer. The pictures below are some of the reclamation we have accomplished at our current mine site.
mine reclaimation
mine reclaimation
I have published a new web site, at the same place, check it out when you have time - click here.

We have a couple of openings to produce some wash plants in the next 90 days. I hope to have more detailed news about that in my next update to you. Keep an eye on my blog for more information too.

Have a productive and useful 2015, Rob


PRODUCTION: For sale 50+ yph

TYPE: vibrating screen on skids

SLUICE BOXES: two 4' x 16' with expanded metal

SETUP: a 5/8" screen deck, a 20' discharge stacker, intake value is 6", includes 24 wash nozzles.

USE: used one mining season


PRICE: $52,000 (USD)

Made in USA
gold wash plant for sale with vibrating screen

sluice boxes for sale

gold wash plant for sale with vibrating screen

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